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Devenir meilleur avec sa communication | Je suis qui pour juger? | JSQPJ?

Written by Rosalie Piché, a big thank you to her for her advice ❤️
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Why and how to communicate correctly?

Why and how to communicate correctly with people? Who am I to judge? | JSQPJ?

Communicate? Communicating could be as simple as saying 2-3 sentences without worrying about the reaction of others. Or on the contrary, be afraid of it. To communicate is to express yourself. Hello! Hi! How are you? Yes you? Yes. But... when it comes to emotions, communicating suddenly becomes more difficult. Here we're going to talk about basic things to help each other communicate better!

1. Choose the right time

How to choose the right time to communicate effectively? Who am I to judge? | JSQPJ?

To communicate well, I believe you have to choose the right moment. The right time for us, but also for the other person. Ideal circumstances don't exist, that much is obvious, but trying to communicate while the other person is tying their shoes may not be the ideal time to capture their attention. You have to choose your timing as they say. Well there, done that.

2. Talk to “I” and open up about your emotions

Open your emotions to learn to communicate better with people

Your mother has been telling you since you were 2: Anthony, talk to me! The important thing here is simply that the other person does not feel attacked in the discussion. By speaking to the self and opening up about your emotions, yes you become vulnerable, but the other cannot deny what is happening inside you.

3. Don't forget to listen

Listen to better communicate with people | Who am I to judge? | JSQPJ?

You can talk to the I, you can talk about your emotions, you can choose the best moment in the world, you can dance the macarena, but if you don't listen to the other person in return, the discussion is useless. Don't forget, it is as important to give your opinion as it is to listen to that of others!

4. Accept our differences

Accept our differences to succeed in communicating better with each other | Who am I to judge? | JSQPJ?

It is important to understand that not everyone thinks the same way. We don't all have the same values ​​and the same priorities and that's okay! We must remain open to ways of thinking other than our own and without agreeing, we must at least accept and respect it.

5. Put your cell phone aside

Let go of your phone to communicate better with people | Who am I to judge? | JSQPJ?

To optimize good communication, both parties should put their phones aside in order to give all their energy to the person in front of them. With your phone, you are not able to open up about what you feel and even less to listen to how the other person feels. Well there, done that!

It's up to you to succeed in communicating better with the people around you | Who am I to judge? | JSQPJ?

So there you have it, we've covered the 5 basic tips to help you communicate better. You can apply this in several areas of your life. And don't forget, even if it's cliché, the most important thing is to speak from your heart.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope you don't need to buy a little Octopus to follow the Tiktok Trend 😉

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