Accept yourself as you are thanks to “Who am I to judge? »

T-shirt Chandail Je Suis Qui Pour Juger Noir

When we wear clothing “Who am I to judge?” ", we wear much more than just clothing, we carry a large number of values ​​that are important to us. The biggest is of course; self-acceptance. 🤔


Before you want to be accepted and loved by others, everything starts with yourself. It is essential to accept ourselves as we are otherwise “Who am I to judge? » would make no sense. “Who am I to judge? » is loving yourself above all. When you accept yourself as you are, being accepted by others suddenly becomes so easy.

A journey that lasts a lifetime

Accepting yourself as a person is much more than a simple reflection. It also means telling ourselves that we will experience judgment throughout our lives but that we must not let ourselves be affected by it. Constructive criticism is welcome, of course, but unfounded judgments are completely unnecessary.

And JSQPJ? was born...

This is why “Who am I to judge? " exist. By carrying this message, people who see it automatically ask themselves the question... “But really, who am I to judge? ”, and that’s where all the magic happens. By asking this question, the judgment he was going to pass on you fades almost instantly.

There is even a good chance that this same person will come to you to tell you that your hoodie “Who am I to judge? " is cool !

“Who am I to judge? » it's a family of people who want to live the life they really want and not the life we ​​want to impose on them.

And then, if someone judges you in your journey... Who are they to really judge 😉


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