Why “Who am I to judge?”

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In 2020, it has become commonplace to judge anything and everything.

Judging is human nature, and it is impossible to abolish something so fundamentally ingrained in us. There's nothing wrong with judging, but it's important to think carefully when doing so.

  • Why is this person like this?
  • Why is this person acting like this?
  • How do we dress like this in 2020?
  • Why does this person dress like that?
  • Why does this person have a different sexual orientation than mine?
  • Why did this person decide to change sex?

    Instead of constantly judging others, we must remember that there are more than 8 billion of us on Earth, and that diversity is what makes us all extraordinary and unique beings.

    What if it was you who was not like the others, if it was you who had to be judged?

    By constantly questioning ourselves, we realize that everyone has the right to be the way they want.

    So, the next time you judge someone, ask yourself the question in your head: “Who am I to judge?” »

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